Reading books on your iPad

Reading books on your iPad? It’s fun, easy and there are incredibly many digital books for you to read on your iPad. But are you not ready (yet) to spend money on it? Then why don’t you search for free ebooks in pdf-format. There are different sites where you can find ebooks for free, including of course When you wish to find free ebooks for your iPad, you’ve come to the right place!

How do your read ebooks on your iPad?

When you want to read ebooks in pdf format on your iPad, then first download the app iBooks in the App Store.  Any books you download in your browser, you can directly open and read them in iBooks.
But there are more great applications with which you can read ebooks in pdf format on your iPad, such as for instance Bluefire Reader.

Start directly with searching for free ebooks for your iPad!

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